Home Hill And Groper Creek

After a one night stay at the Home Hill golf course and a social game of golf there, we head the 12 Kms down the road to one of our most favourite places to visit – Groper Creek. This is probably our seventh visit here and we spend the time relaxing for 4 days before the next golf commitments. We catch prawns, fish and catch up with old friends who we see there every time we visit.


Balgal Beach

Balgal Beach is 59 Kms (37 mi) north of Townsville and 64 Kms (40 mi) south of Ingham. We stay for 2 nights at a fabulous free camp right on the beach. A reasonably successful afternoon’s fishing resulted in 3 tailor. Unfortunately, nobody told me they had to be bled as soon as they are caught – if not, they taste awful as we found out.


More golf – 3 rounds at Ingham Golf Club. We camp at the golf club itself with about 6 or so other caravans. Our golf wasn’t super successful but we did manage a couple of bottles of wine a 3 golf balls for small daily prizes.

Ingham has a couple of interesting tourist attractions. The Mercer Lane Mosaics, where the history of the sugar cane industry is celebrated with art. The community came together to create a 42 metre tiled mural as a tribute to the local cane cutter industry.

The second attraction is the Tyto Wetlands where there are many walks around lakes to view varied birds and marine life.


We stop for 2 nights behind the local pub in the small town of Halifax – no charge as long as you buy a beer or two – fine by us. We head to nearby Lucinda where we did manage to catch a couple of nice bream for lunch. (Lucinda is famous for the longest jetty in the Southern Hemisphere at 5.76 Kilometres long).


Another quick stop at Tully, a town infamous for being the wettest town in Australia, garnering an average rainfall of 4000mm. The town also boasts one of the largest number of UFO sightings in Queensland. The Golden Gumboot shows the actual height of the record rainfall of 7.9 Metres which fell on Tully in 1950.