The Parklake Sapphires

Situated 50 kms west of Emerald are some of the world’s richest sapphire fields. Local town names include Sapphire, Rubyvale and Anakie. Sapphires of all colours are found here, most notably the yellow. The area has been restricted from big mining companies and still has the feel of the original ‘Klondike’ with ramshackle settlements and small individual mines dug by hand. It is possible to ‘fossick’ for your own gems for a small investment in a license.

Siobhan decided to take the easy option and as a token of the end of our recent Parklake Terraces era, decided to purchase a sapphire ring from a small husband and wife team. Peter has mined his own small mine by hand for over 30 years. He cuts and sets the stones and his wife, Eileen, runs the small gallery shop. Siobhan’s 3 sapphire (1 blue and 2 yellow) ring will now be known as The Parklake Sapphires !!


2 thoughts on “The Parklake Sapphires

  1. How wonderful for you to be finally out there. The freedom of not having commitments is so exhilarating isn’t it! Loved the sapphire ring Siobahn. We will see you in Maryborough. Keep on keeping on!!!
    Marilyn & Steve
    PS What format do you use for this blog? I struggle with the one I’m using. The published article looks nothing like the draft when I do it!

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