Getting Closer To Melbourne

Sep 25, 26  Next stop is Merimbula on the south-east coast of New South Wales. Merimbula is the holiday resort of the Sapphire Coast. The town has a population of around 4,000 (and far more in summer) is situated around beautiful coastal waterways. The weather on arrival was sunny and 21 degs. However, a southerly change causes quite a drop in temperature but, fortunately, the rain stays away.

We do some local sightseeing and take a walk on the 3 km boardwalk along the water’s edge.


Sep 27 – 29  We finally make it across the Victoria border and set up our next camp in Lakes Entrance, a small town on the coast next to the Gippsland Lakes and a glorious stretch of coast known as Ninety Mile Beach. The weather is still a cool 15 degs or so but we manage to do some local sightseeing on the bikes. We did have some problems with an aggressive magpie that attacked us both but we also snapped some of the more loveable local fauna.


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