Melbourne And The Boat To Tasmania

Oct 1,2  We make the last 100 kms into Melbourne and head for the port for the 7:30 pm sailing on the Spirit Of Tasmania. We are able to park the Landcruiser and van on the road close to the port. Unfortunately, the weather has taken a turn for the worse and it is raining and cold. Siobhan decides to take a tram into the city for a little shopping. Bob stays in the caravan to watch the rugby world cup to see Australia thrash Russia. (We will not mention the Irish game !!) Bob also watched part of the Aussie Rules Grand Final between Geelong and Collingwood.

Bob only saw part of the footy because of a slight technical hitch with the caravan. Apparently, when you are parked you should unhook the electrical connection with the car, otherwise the fridge in the van will drain the car battery. This it did very effectively. So here we were with 2 hours to go before we have to board the ferry with a vehicle that will not start. RACV to the rescue – we were up and running within 25 mins and headed to the ferry terminal.


We board without a hitch, leave the rig to be tied down and head upstairs to our small cabin for the crossing. The on-board restaurant is very good and after dinner we retire to our cabin, take our seasick pills and bed down for the night. The seasick pills were a good idea as the crossing was quite rough with waves up to 3 metres in height. We arrive safely in Devonport at 7:30 am and disembark to head for a local caravan park.

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