The Golf Tournament

Oct 24 thro 28  The Australian Veterans Golf Annual National Championships were held in Tasmania from Monday Oct 24 to Friday Oct 28. 3 courses close to Hobart were used : North West Bay, Claremont and Tasmania Golf Club. Unfortunately, North West Bay was very wet and play was quite difficult but the other courses were superb. 6 players made the trip from our home club, Pelican Waters Golf Club : Matt and Maria Schlotterbach, Jim and Maureen Nixon and Bob and Siobhan.

There was a mixed one day event on the Monday with no notable results for the visitors from Pelican Waters. The Championships proper began on the Tuesday with a 3 day event for the men, graded into A, B and C grades, depending upon handicaps. And a 2 day event for the ladies, all in one grade, with 3 winners depending on which 2 courses were played.

Pelican Waters came up with some significant winners : Bob won the B Grade Net : Jim Nixon won the C Grade Net : Maria Schlotterbach won one of the ladies competitions and Siobhan won one of the daily prizes. Bob also came up with a daily prize and a nearest the pin. Well done Pelican Waters.


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