Next Stop The Antarctic

Oct 30  Cockle Creek is literally ‘The End Of The Road’. It is nearer to the South Pole than it is to Cairns in Queensland. It is at the end of the Huon Valley which is famous for is fruit orchards, summer berries, wine and great scenery. On the itinerary today : Geeveston with its large wooden carvings in the town centre : Hastings Caves : and the end of the road at Cockle Creek.

Geeveston is 62kms south of Hobart on the Huon River and is the gateway to the Hartz Mountains National Park. Our stop here is brief to admire the large wooden carvings in the town centre.


Hastings Caves are the largest dolomite caves in the southern hemisphere. The caves started to form approximately 40 million years ago and remained undiscovered until 1917, when a timber worker felled a tree to reveal the entrance. The caves are truly marvellous with many remarkable stone formations.


Cockle Creek is the farthest south you can take a car in Tasmania (without resorting to serious off road stuff or a very long walk!). It used to be a whaling centre which is remembered by a large bronze whale sculpture. Nowadays it is purely a tourism destination.


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