The Road To Strahan

Nov 9  We leave Bothwell with the intention of an overnight stay at Bronte Park. We past through Tarraleah where there is a large hydro-electric plant. The caravan site at Bronte Park sounded lovely on the web but, unfortunately, when we arrived reality bore no relation whatsoever to the brochure. We received our money back, did an immediate u-turn and kept going towards Strahan. We made a stop at the tiny township of Derwent Bridge to visit the remarkable decade long art project by local artist Greg Duncan, known as ‘The Wall In The Wilderness’. This depicts the history of rural life in the region, carved into 3 metre high panels of Huon Pine and on completion will be 100 metres in length. No photography is allowed but here are some images from the web site.


From Derwent Bridge we head down into Queenstown, renowned for the bare grandeur of the surrounding hills, evidence of a history that once made it one of the richest mining towns in the world. Unfortunately, the methods used in mining copper in the early days have left the surrounding area extremely polluted. No wonder the Green Party are so strong in Tasmania. The drive down into Queenstown is one of the scariest we have encountered on the trip so far.


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