Broken Hill

Feb 22 to 26  Broken Hill is known as the edge of the outback and we can confirm this to be the case. Broken Hill is also the ‘BH’ in the big Australian, BHP, the company being formed because of the immense silver deposits found here in the 1800’s. On the way we pass a tribute to R M Williams the founder of the famous bush outfitter. In Broken Hill we visit the home of the Royal Flying Doctor Service and the impressive Broken Hill Sculptures. On a visit to a local museum, imagine our surprise to be asked to be photographed by the local newspaper.


A much bigger surprise happened the following day when we went to Silverton, famous as the place where many Aussie films have been made such as Prescilla, Mad Max and A Town Like Alice. We went into the local museum and the girl behind the counter asked us if we were the same people that were on the front page of the local newspaper – definitely a slow news day !!


We play a round at the Broken Hill Golf Course and meet some of the local friendly emus. (Bob wins the par comp with an unprecedented +8).


One thought on “Broken Hill

  1. hi siobhan an bob, following your adventure with great interest the scenery is fantastic. bob i liked the idea of how to keep the cheese on the hook, maybe i will try it for the trout when they are not taking my flies. all the best for the rest of your travels. jerry.

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