On The Road Again

May 25 to 27  After staying at Woodford for 9 more days to attend to some (minor) dental issues, we finally hit the road. Heading due west first and then north our first main destination is Longreach, over 1,200 Kms north west from Brisbane. We stop at Miles, Mitchell and Blackall to break the journey into manageable days. At Mitchell, we meet a travelling Burmese moggy called Princess and an 80 year old bush poet who entertained us with his own poetry and some tunes played on a gum leaf and harmonica. Mitchell also nearly lost its only road bridge across the river in the recent February floods. See how far the water is now below the bridge in the photo.


At Blackall we overnight at a site that provides a camp-cooked dinner which includes the biggest damper we have seen. Spot the emus on the road and the horse in the camp site.


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