Bloomfield Track

Jun 22  The Bloomfield Track is an unsealed track which is suitable for 4 wheel drive vehicles only with many creek crossings and steep mountains to negotiate. It meanders through lush rainforests and links Cooktown with Cape Tribulation, 100 Kms south. Take a look at the state of the car when we returned. Also there were some unique road signs on the way. 

Captain Cook named the cape as Cape Tribulation because, as stated in his ship’s log, ‘This is where all my tribulations began’ (when he ran foul of the Great Barrier Reef and seriously damaged the ship’s hull). To avoid sinking over 50 tons of stores had to be off-loaded to free the Endeavour from the reef. The closest river he could find to save his ship was the Endeavour River which he named after his vessel whose life it saved. 


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