Jul 4 to 10  Left Cooktown after nearly 3 weeks to start the long slow journey back to the Sunshine Coast – 2,000 Kms to cover before mid August. First stop is Mossman, just north of Port Douglas and 75 Kms north of Cairns.

Mossman is a picturesque little township nestled at the foot of the mountains among bright green fields of sugar cane. The region’s sugar capital, the Mossman Central Mill throbs and hums its way through the sugar cane crushing season (June – October). The quaint cane trains rattle back and forth through the town hauling in the harvest. 

Five minutes west of Mossman is Mossman Gorge, a very accessible and scenic section of the World Heritage listed Daintree National Park. Here the Mossman River tumbles its way over huge granite boulders that line the gorge, creating cool clear freshwater swimming holes. Awe inspiring tree-clad mountains rise sharply up from the river banks.

A most unusual sight greets us from a balcony in the centre of town – see what you can make of it.


Had a game of golf at the local Mossman course which was an interesting layout and in very good condition. Managed to snap one of the cane trains which comes through the centre of town.


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