Jul 15,16  Cardwell is half way between Cairns and Townsville, with Hinchinbrook Island just offshore and a long jetty to wet a line off. Just recently it was badly damaged by Cyclone Yasi which hit the area on Feb 3 2011. A local newspaper reporter described the event :

“I don’t know what to say except that Cardwell is surely ground zero for cyclone Yasi, it has been utterly decimated,” she said. “As we drove in we saw a church where the only thing left standing are church pews, with a few bibles and prayer books strewn around, everything else of the church had been blown away. There are big trees absolutely everywhere, every single tree has been uprooted. You cannot tell that where I am standing there is bitumen on the Bruce Highway, it is now just covered in sand and trees. Many buildings and homes have lost their roofs.”

Take a look at the photograph of the tree snapped in 2 – that is not an actual tree but it was a metal sculpture before it was broken in two by Yasi.


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