Groper Creek

Jul 25 to 29  After an overnight free camp at Home Hill it is back to an old favourite – Groper Creek. Steve and Marilyn Redman first introduced this fishing and crabbing haven to us 2 years ago and it is impossible to pass the turn off without wanting to visit again. Groper Creek lies very close to the Burdekin River mouth and offers great opportunities for fishing and crabbing for someone (ie us) who does not have a boat.

After a quick phone call to Steve Redman to remind me how to throw a cast net to catch our shrimp live bait, we start fishing. Some people do not like catching catfish but we were very happy to get one as it is excellent bait for our crab pot. And we were rewarded the following morning with 2 large mudcrabs which were enjoyed immensely fresh for lunch.

The barramundi that Siobhan is holding was not caught by her … but watch this space.



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