Free Camping At St Lawrence

Aug 8 to 10  A stop for 3 days to free camp at St Lawrence was another good example of how enjoyable free camping can be. Our newly acquired generator performed admirably and full water tanks lasted the length of our stay. St Lawrence is approx 800 Kms north of Brisbane. At the 2006 census the town and the surrounding area had a population of 195. Once a prosperous port town, exporting cattle from the hinterland, most residents are now railway workers. 


One morning our quiet peace was shattered by the sound of an American police siren as the first of 85 (yes, 85!) loud vehicles shot into town. The 2012 Cane and Cotton Variety Bash had arrived. This is part of the Variety charity which raises funds for children and schools in the outback, all over Australia. Each vehicle in this rally had raised at least $8,000 for the charity – the minimum amount required for them to be able to take part. What a fantastic group of people with a great vision.


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