Langhorne Creek

Nov 29  A short one night stop and a free camp at Langhorne Creek on our way to the bottom end of the Fleirieu Peninsula to catch the ferry over to Kangaroo Island for a couple of days. This free camp is a prime example of how good the Australian authorities are at providing free facilities for travellers.

2 thoughts on “Langhorne Creek

  1. Hi Bob and Siobhan well it is 4am and I am on the computer which is very sad really. I have just looked at your pics and I can see you are having a terrible time cruising around the country. Dick and I intend to “get out there” after we come back from Thailand May next year but I have another grandchild due in June so we will probably head off in July sometime. I need to talk to you about all these free camps you have found ie have you just wandered across them or have you got a list of them in a “free camp book”. Well I have finished my cuppa and think I will try to get some sleep before dawn breaks. We have the Vet’s Christmas break up tomorrow 7am for 7.30am start so I should try to get some shut eye so I can hit that golf ball!!!!! keep having fun and I hope we catch up with you somewhere next year. Oh Bob what is it you are so proud of in your kitchen. They just look like bread rolls to me ….but maybe you baked them?
    Cheers Maz

    1. Hi Maz,

      We are not sure how many people get up at 4am just to check our blog but we are impressed !!

      The free camps are in the ‘Camps 6’ book from any decent book shop. It is similar to the big book with the caravan sites in it. Some sites we just hear about from recommendations from people we meet. We have even just pulled up at any place we fancied a couple of times. We now have a generator so all we need are full water tanks and we are set.

      Our motive for free camping is twofold. One – the price of caravan sites is getting more expensive and you are mainly paying for the kids facilities. It has been a while since I have used a bouncy castle ! Two – its more fun and friendly free camping.

      We keep a close eye on the expenses. Our first big trip averaged over $31 a night for the caravan and this trip is $17 a night. It makes a big difference.

      There is a short story about Bob’s cooking. They are called soda farls which are a type of bread which comes from Northern Ireland. Siobhan’s mum is legendary for her farls and when we were over there this year she showed Bob how to make them. They are delicious straight from the pan with home made raspberry jam.

      Hope you did well in the vets. See you next year somewhere – maybe Groper Creek ?

      Check the latest caravan blog at :

      Thanks and Regards,

      Bob Davies Mobile : 0408 811 481

      Please do not print this email unless you really need to

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