More Groper Creek

June 13 to 23 Well, the Groper Creek bug has well and truly got hold of us. The people in the camp site are all very friendly and there is a great atmosphere. Bob has been really lucky to be offered boat trips fishing … more of that later. We have booked in for another 3 weeks and after that, who knows ?

The local industry is mainly based around sugar cane, with a large processing plant at Home Hill just south of the large Burdekin River bridge. The cane is just beginning to be harvested, which means that it has to be burned first which results in spectacular sunsets thanks to the smoke. Also, in the morning we see lots of ‘Burdekin Snow’, the local name for the dead embers from the cane field burnoffs.

Richard is one of the regular visitors to the Creek every winter. Fortunately, Richard is a keen Rugby League fan and he only has local TV in his van but he has a boat and we have a satellite dish with Foxtel and no boat. Sounds like a marriage made in heaven !! Yes, Richard offered to take us out in his boat and he will be seeing plenty of footy ! We had a great time and came back with a good feed of whiting.

The camp fire is lit every evening for happy hour (or two) and tonight is Jaffla Irons night – a great way to make toasted sandwiches on the campfire embers.

Kevin, one of 3 brothers at Groper Creek for the winter’s fishing, kindly offers a seat in his boat for Bob to try for a Barramundi. What a fantastic day, with over 10 ‘barra’ caught between the two of us but all were undersize. We also had a go at some whiting and another good feed was brought home. (Bob had to sign a non-disclosure agreement for Kevin that his favourite spots would never be revealed to any third party !!)

Kevin kindly offered Bob another trip the following day and yet another fantastic day was finished of with a ‘keeper’ barramundi for Bob – the pacemaker was given a workout.

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