Townsville, Rollingstone, Balgal Beach

July 19,20, 21 Had a small problem with the caravan awning – spring needed to be replaced. Tried lots of places in Townsville but all booked up for ages. Finally found a Coromal dealer who could look at it after the weekend. So we had to hang around Townsville for 3 nights. First night was a free camp in a field next to a service station – more than adequate. Second night at a very busy free camp at Rollingstone Beach. They were so busy that we had to double park in front of a motor home who was leaving after us in the morning. Third night was at a free camp at Balgal Beach. This must rank as one of the best we have stayed at in terms of its position right on the beach.

We took a trip up to Paluma which is 3,000 feet up a mountain. The road was built by unemployment relief workers in the depression in the early 1930’s. Beautiful views with a lovely stream with waterfalls and swimming holes on the way up.

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