Gregory Downs

July 30 to Aug 1 Gregory Downs is our base to visit the picturesque Lawn Hill National Park (see separate blog post). The town has a population of 40 and is situated on the banks of the perennial Gregory River, a fast flowing small river that is fed year round by a large spring.

The town has a hotel that was originally built in the 1900s to accommodate travellers using the coach service to nearby Burketown. Previously the hotel also served as a post for the mounted police. The town itself is built on the homestead site of the historic Gregory Downs station, one of the first pastoral properties to be established in the Gulf Country.

The free camp site is on the river banks and can be found easily by turning left at the ‘No Camping’ sign !! The roads are now truly outback style, quite narrow but at least they are bitumen. Large road trains are the kings of the road.

We cannot emphasise how beautiful the free camp is with your own fresh water swimming pool on the doorstep.

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