Banka Banka

Aug 11,12 After crossing into the Northern Territory, we free camp for one night at Frewena (the middle of nowhere) and then overnight at a small oasis of a caravan park at Banka Banka. It is an oasis because there are unlimited supplies of the freshest spring fed water you could wish to find. Time to give the car and caravan a treat with a complete wash down. The obligatory evening campfire was highlighted by another camper with his piano accordian. Great evening. (Bob cannot take credit for the camp fire).

A small mention must go to the Barkly Homestead who take a small advantage of their unique position of being the only fuel stop for miles and charging $2.06 a litre for diesel. Up until then our average cost per litre had been less than $1.50.

We take a small diversion to look at the famous Churchill Stones – supposed to look like Winston Churchill – looked more like some stones to us. Another interesting local habit – they seem to like dressing up the termite mounds in NT.

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