Aug 28 to Sep 1 We have difficulty finding a good spot to set up camp in Darwin. All the caravan parks are way overpriced and do not have good reviews. And there are no free camps. We end up at the polo grounds which is well priced and is reasonably close to the city (15 kms). There is a good shopping centre at Palmerston which is close by and the other thing that is VERY close by is Darwin Prison ! You can see the perimeter fence just behind our caravan.

So it is time to stock up the caravan, visit some local sites including the Darwin Museum and the Flight Museum which contains a complete B52 bomber, very impressive. There was also an aircraft carrier visiting from the USA – it was not difficult to spot all the USA sailors wandering around the city.

We join the players at the Darwin Golf Club for their Saturday comp, a really nice golf course.

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