2014 – Another (Even Bigger) Trip

The time has come for the big one ! We plan a 10 month trip which will pretty much take us around Australia. We start by heading north (away from the cold Sunshine Coast weather) to a favourite haunt, Groper Creek. Hopefully, a month’s fishing will result in a stocked freezer. An ad in the local Ayr newspaper looking for a boat to rent while we are there resulted in a call from Norm, who has offerred a tinnie for our use. Thanks Norm.

Before we start, our home needs a little care and attention.

Then we pick up the van from storage and park at our unit for 3 days to get everything loaded.

One thought on “2014 – Another (Even Bigger) Trip

  1. What happened to the van; or is it just further upgrades to facilitate your luxurious circumnavigation? Norm must be a good bloke. Good tip for others travelling, will keep it in mind. Cheers Dick

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