Heading West – Porcupine Creek

We leave Groper Creek add begin the journey west to West Australia. The distance from Groper Creek to Broome in WA is 3,791 Kms so it will take a while. We have to start our journey with a detour to Townsville for some finance stuff but then we head west with an overnighter at the Campaspe River, which should really be renamed Campaspe Beach !

Next stop is Hughenden which we have visited before but this time we take a side trip to the Porcupine Gorge National Park. In this park, towering sandstone cliffs and lush vine-forest fringing Porcupine Creek provide a striking contrast with surrounding flat plains. Porcupine Gorge is an impressive canyon that has been carved into the landscape by the eroding action of Porcupine Creek, revealing strata of sedimentary rocks spanning hundreds of millions of years. In the wider section of the gorge the creek has also created the Pyramid, an isolated monolith of multicoloured sandstone rising from the floor of the gorge, shaped as its name suggests.

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