Gregory National Park

We turn left at Katherine and are now heading into new territory towards West Australia. The Gregory National Park (local indigenous name Judbarra) is a national park in the Northern Territory 359 km south of Darwin. The park is the largest national park (larger than the more famous Kakadu) in the Northern Territory, with an area of 13,000 sq Kms. Ecologically, it is in the transition between tropical and semi-arid zones.

The Park features spectacular range and gorge scenery and significant traces of Aboriginal culture, European exploration and pastoral history. We spend 4 days in the park, taking in some lovely walks with fantastic scenery.

The majestic Victoria River flows 560 Kms from its source, south of the Gregory National Park, until it enters Joseph Bonaparte Gulf in the Timor Sea, the Victoria River is the longest singularly named permanent river in the Northern Territory.

On 12 September 1819, Philip Parker King discovered the mouth of the Victoria and, twenty years later, in 1839, Captain J. C. Wickham arrived at the same spot in the HMS Beagle and named the river after Queen Victoria. Crew members of the Beagle followed the river upstream into the interior for more than 200 kilometres.

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