El Questro

El Questro is a privately owned wilderness park that was previously a cattle station located in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. The park is located 110 Kms West of Kununurra and can be accessed by the Gibb River Road.

This area is not a National Park and we objected to paying an entrance fee of $40 to look at scenery that should be free, having already purchased a National Parks pass for a year ! That said, there was some excellent scenery which we ‘stole’ a look at, having left the van at a free camp near the entrance for the day. ! And it was fun driving down the Gibb River Road for a small distance. No idea how people stand 500 Kms of that torture.

One thought on “El Questro

  1. Eddie and I did the road in a APT air conditioned coach many years ago would you believe? Way to go. Don’t know whether APT still does that trip. May have worn the coaches out?

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