Port Hedland

Lorraine Brydson’s son Ben lives in Port Hedland with his lovely wife and 2 daughters and he made the mistake of inviting us on his (fabulous) boat fishing anytime we were in town. Fortunately that was recently and what a day we had. We didn’t even notice the weather change from 25 deg and sunny to about 3 below and raining. (Apparently there was a weather warning that told brass monkeys to put trousers on and go indoors !) Ben still persisted and took us to 2 of his favourite spots.

One was 100 Kms off the coast ! The only problem here was the sharks would not let us get our catch to the boat. So we moved nearer the coast and had great success. The freezer is now stocked with Chinaman, Snapper, Coral Trout and Red Emperor.

Many, many thanks to Ben for the unforgettable experience.

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