Cape Keraudren

The Cape Keraudren Coastal Reserve is located on the coast 179 Kms north of Port Hedland. It is a low-key recreational area where disturbance to the environment has been kept to a minimum. It lies on a picturesque white-sand beach that stretches as far as the eye can see. The clear blue water is a spectacular welcome to the start of the famous Eighty Mile Beach.

We did not plan a lengthy stay here but still have not left after 6 days. Wonder why ? Just take a look at the view right outside the caravan door. Not to mention the fishing, with beautiful whiting very plentiful, as well as bream, king salmon and trevally. Also, see how clear the water is from the photo of the coral.

2 thoughts on “Cape Keraudren

  1. Hi Bob and Siobhan what a great looking place you have found!!! Love the pics and it looks like you have well and truly caught the fishing bug Bob! We got home last Sunday after 3 months OS and are so glad to be home. Dick had a shoulder operation today so golf and driving the van will be out for a while. We just love your posts so keep them coming.
    Cheers Maz xx

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