Cape Range National Park

What an awesome place. Cape Range National Park occupies the western side of the North West Cape peninsula over an area of 47,655 hectares (117,760 acres). The nearest town is Exmouth. Directly off the coast is the Ningaloo Reef. You can literally walk out to the reef from the beach. Snorkelling is fantastic and the abundance of wildlife includes whales, dolphins and turtles. The water is crystal clear and warm – even Bob was spotted submerged ! Yardie Creek, a spectacular gorge where the water is trapped by a sandbar, is located within the park – we did the walk in the gorge and managed to sight some rock wallabies – very rare. Bush camps are dotted along the coast within the park. Ours is called Ned’s Camp, a small and very friendly camp with only 9 sites and right on the beach. Lots of pictures here.

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