Christmas At Stansbury

Stansbury is a small town (pop 543) located in the southern Yorke Peninsula of South Australia. It faces the Gulf St Vincent across Oyster Bay, where shellfish were originally harvested in the 19th century. The town has also been a port used in the export of wheat and barley to Adelaide. It is a great place to harvest some of our favourite seafood, namely squid, whiting, razor fish and blue swimmer crabs. All of the above were consumed on Christmas Day.

We are joined in Stansbury by another couple from Pelican Waters, Jeff and Faye Chapple. The day was most enjoyable spent browsing on fresh seafood all day and sipping various types of cooling beverages.

2 thoughts on “Christmas At Stansbury

  1. Hi Bob and Siobhan

    Looks like you and the Chapple’s had a good day; but I’m confused about the “browsing” are you sure you weren’t grazing on the seafood!!!!

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