Aspley Falls

The Aspley Falls are two waterfalls on the Aspley River in the Northern Tablelands region of New South Wales. The falls are located about 20 Kms east of Walcha in the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park. They are the first falls in a succession of dramatic drops in an area that has some of the most remarkable scenery in Eastern Australia. The first drop of the falls is about 65 metres  in depth, and the second, which is about 800 metres  further on, plummets 58 metres to the bottom of the gorge. Aboriginal people tell the story of how the Rainbow Serpent created the gorge at Apsley Falls in the Dreamtime. The Rainbow Serpent is said to travel underground from the base of the falls to reappear 20 km upstream at the Mill Hole on the Apsley River in Walcha. The site is now marked at the Mill Hole by the Rainbow Serpent mosaic made with the help of the local Aboriginal community. We free camp in the forest right next to the falls – fantastic.

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