Cania Gorge and Lake Cania

Cania Gorge is a national park in Queensland, 373 km northwest of Brisbane. The nearest town is Monto. Three Moon Creek is the name of the waterway that runs along the length of the gorge. The park’s most dominant features are the 70 m sandstone cliffs. Aboriginal rock art on the cliff walls is an indication of indigenous settlement of at least 19,000 year

There are many walking tracks to enjoy including Dripping Rock, The Overhang, Bloodwood Cave, Giant’s Chair Lookout, with views across the gorge, and Fern Tree Pool, a permanent waterhole. Another walk leads to a former gold mine.

We spend an enjoyable week with friends, Alan and Anne, from Pelican Waters. Alan brought his dinghy so most days were spent on the water catching Australian Bass, Yellowbelly and Redclaw Yabbies.

We leave after a week well stocked with fish and yabbies.

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