Broken Hill

We leave Port Broughton and, after an overnight free camp at Manna Hill, arrive in Broken Hill for a 2 night stay. Broken Hill is an isolated mining city in the far west of outback New South Wales. The “BH” in the world’s largest mining company, BHP Billiton, refers to “Broken Hill” and its early operations in the city. Broken Hill has been referred to as “The Silver City”, the “Oasis of the West”, and the “Capital of the Outback”.

Just 20 Kms north west of Broken Hill is the iconic town of Silverton, known mainly in recent history as the base for the Mad Max movie franchise. The area was also used frequently in the Priscilla Queen of the Desert movie.

We celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in Broken Hill with a lovely dinner in town.


This is a picture taken at the place in the Priscilla movie where they stop the bus and get out to see the ‘entrance to the outback’.


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