Groper Creek

A quick whizz by the Big Mango at Bowen and we arrive at Groper Creek.

So … why are we so excited about being back at Groper Creek ? Well … there is always friendships to re-ignite – thanks Kevin for letting me borrow your cast net as I did not bring my own because they are illegal in most other states. Lots of prawns about for bait (see below). And not having a boat is no real hindrance as the jetty is a great place to catch fish (9 good whiting in one day !).

Not to mention a cold glass of Ricard sitting on the banks of Groper Creek watching the romantic sunset. Oh … and the little green visitor.

So prawns for lunch and whiting for tea … how good can life get ?

Now … about the cast net thing. Way back in 2010 a certain individual – Steve Redman of Pelican Waters – introduced us to the wonders of Groper Creek. Not only that, he spent many long hours tutoring Mr Bob Davies in the finer arts of throwing a cast net. Well, Steve, the fruits of your labours are upon us … The following sequence is about to be published in the ‘Art Of Throwing A Cast Net By Steve Redman’.

4 thoughts on “Groper Creek

  1. You are my star student. In fact possibly my only student. Actually I think the student is outshining the teacher. 😉

    1. Hi Leo, These prawns are what they call ‘school prawns’ which all tend to be quite small – not like the prawns you would get in a restaurant as a starter, for example. So we keep the bigger ones to eat and the smaller ones are in the freezer waiting to catch that big barra when Mairead gets here. B & S

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