First stop today on the way to Wyndham is The Grotto, one of many small canyons located close to Kununurra. There is a small natural water hole but swimming is only recommended in the wet season when the water is flowing. Great place to soak up the natural beauty of the Kimberley wilderness and what is a small, natural amphitheater.

Next on to Wyndham and the Five Rivers Lookout. You are standing on top of the world, trying to absorb an impossibly enormous vista. Spread out beneath you are vast mud flats, cut through the middle by a river so wide that you wonder if it’s a bay. At about 325 metres high, the lookout sits atop The Bastion, part of an ancient mountain range, weathered over time to just shadow of its former self. The Ord, King, Pentecost, Forrest and Durack Rivers come together and flow out to sea at Cambridge Gulf. Thousands of hectares of mudflats spread as far as you can see.

The Warriu Park Dreamtime Statues are larger than life aboriginal statues depicting early aboriginal life at Wyndham. The Statues were built as part of a Bi-Centenary project and originally intended for Kings Park in Perth.

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