Next highlight – Kalbarri National Park. We stay in the nearby coastal town of Kalbarri itself which is yet another seaside oasis with a small town feeling. The National Park is really something special with the highlight being ‘Nature’s Window’ (see separate blog entry). This is a rock formation which beautifully frames the rugged upstream view of the Murchison River – outstanding.

Kalbarri is a part of the traditional lands of the Nanda people. The story of the Beemarra serpent is the central dreaming story of Nanda people. The Beemarra is, according to Nanda culture, an ancestral being responsible for the creation of the land and waters in the region. Kalbarri was named after an Aboriginal man from the Nanda tribe and is also the name of an edible seed. The first European people to visit the area were the crew of the trading ship Batavia, who put two mutinous crew members ashore near Bluff Point just south of the town.

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