First time van set up in Cotton Tree

Jul 16 to 23 2010 

Decided to travel all of 8 Kms to set up for the first time at Cotton Tree, Maroochydore. It is really surprising how many bits and pieces you need to make a complete caravan home.

Our first experience of those who have ‘been there and done that’ – the guy from the next site came over and started to let us know how bad the TV reception was at the site. Then I pressed the button that made the satellite dish on top of the caravan open up and automatically found the Austar satellite – he was impressed !

Pick Up Caravan

Jul 16 2010  Picked up caravan from Brisbane RV’s. Oh dear, its a bit bigger than we thought !! How do we drive the thing ? What a good decision to attend the RACQ towing course. There was one unfortunate attendee who had a brand new Landcruiser plus a brand new 25 foot caravan who got stuck in the car park and the other men on the course had to manually turn the caravan around. He was very quiet after that !