Berri, South Australia

Jan 31 to Feb 2  Berri features a great riverfront with plenty of areas for picnics or playing sport and also includes floating wharf platforms, lookouts, historic monuments and an indigenous bridge mural. The town is situated on the banks of the Murray River right in the heart of the Riverland region. Berri was originally part of Cobdogla Station and a mooring place for paddle steamers. The town of Berri takes its name from the Aboriginal word ‘bery bery’ meaning ‘bend in the river’ and was proclaimed in 1911. Berri is surrounded by over 3000 hectares of irrigated orchards and has become notable as a fruit processing town. A large percentage of canned fruit and juice come from Berri.

As we cross the border into South Australia, we pass through the fruit fly exclusion zone and have to leave all fruit and some vegetables behind.

The Murray River has now become the Murray / Darling and has taken on the colour of the Darling – more of a grey than the old brown of the Murray. We see some of the most stunning scenery so far with colourful sandstone cliffs running along the river. 

We play the local Berri golf course – Siobhan wins the ladies comp and Bob comes 3rd in the mens. Yet another friendly country golf course, a pleasure to play.


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