Mildura / Buronga

Jan 24 to 30  Mildura is quite a large town on the VIC side of the Murray and we stay at a lovely park just over the bridge on the NSW side of the river at Buronga. We originally planned for 4 days but end up staying a week. Mildura is one of the premier fruit growing regions of Australia, producing 95% of Australia’s dried vine fruit. It is also famous for its almonds, pistachios, asparagus, carrots, citrus and melons.

More fishing (just carp again but this time big ones !). We meet a couple, Harvey and Sandy, who were next to us when we stayed at Healesville – small world. Our van is sited right next to the river and we enjoy the view every day.


Mungo National Park, 110 kms north of Mildura, is the focal point of the Willandra lakes world heritage area, with 17 dry lakes. The highlight of the region is a 33 km crescent shaped dune following the curve of the (now dry) lake, called The Walls Of China. Mungo Man and Mungo Woman are skeletons dating back over 40,000 years which were found in the area. There are 90 kms of unsealed road to get to the Walls of China. Unfortunately, the weather deteorated on our journey and we could not go any further than the ranger station on the dry lake bed. Our 4 wheel drive looked really professional after the trip !! We did see some great wildlife though.


The Paddle Vessel Rothbury was built in 1881 at Gunbower, Victoria on the Murray River. Built as a large and powerful Tow Boat, employed in towing barges for the Wool and Logging Trade. She was well known even then, to be one of the fastest Tow Boats. The Rothbury was brought to Mildura in 1909 by Permewan Wright & Company who had an extensive establishment in Mildura, sharing the trade to the district with the Chaffey owned company, the second River Murray Navigation Company. The Rothbury now takes tourists on Murray River trips and we thoroughly enjoyed ours which took us through one of the major locks on the river.


Jeff and Faye Chappell were also staying close to Mildura and we arranged a game of golf at Coomealla G C which was a lovely country golf course.

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