Swan Hill

Jan 20 to 23  Swan Hill is our next stop as we head west along the Murray River. Our site is directly on the river bank and this leads to a renewed interest in fishing for Bob. Unfortunately, there is an abundance of the introduced carp and that is all we catch. It is the law that all carp caught must be killed and cannot be returned to the river alive. Carp is to the Murray River as the cane toad is to Queensland. However, we are visited each evening by a beautiful heron that accepts the smaller carp as a welcome dinner offerring.

Cheese and corn were the most successful baits. Dont know how to keep the cheese on your hook ? Simple. Take a J cloth, cut it into a smallish square, sprinkle shredded Mozarella over the cloth, put into the Microwave until melted, put into the freezer, cut into small pieces which will stay on your hook due to the incorporated cloth.

The famous Pioneer Settlement takes us back to the mid 1800’s with original buildings, shops and transport. A fully restored vintage Dodge travels the streets along with a horse drawn carriage.


Lake Boga was an integral part of allied defence during World War II, with a facility that helped to keep Australia safe – the No.1 Flying Boat Repair and Service Depot. On the original site of the Depot, stands an underground Communications Bunker which has been transformed into the Flying Boat Museum. Also at the museum is an interactive map of the Pacific region and an informative 20 minute film in the theatrette about the importance of the site. The Australian Government had known the existence of Lake Boga as a potential site for flying boat activity as early as 1938. It was not until the Japanese attacks on Broome in 1942, resulting in the loss of 16 flying boats, that the establishment of a safe haven for flying boats and amphibians was deemed ‘Essential To The Defense Of Australia.’ Lake Boga was an ideal stretch of water for the flying boats and amphibious aircraft as it was almost circular (offering unlimited choice of landing/take off direction) and free of obstructions. The required infrastructure was already in place. Vacant land around its foreshore, an adjacent railhead and highway, electricity from the Swan Hill power station and lines of communication.


Java Spice is an Asian Restaurant in Swan Hill that had an excellent reputation. Note the ‘had’. Our experience was not a pleasant one. Thank heavens for TripAdvisor where we can warn others what to expect.


We have a hit of golf at Murray Downs which has wide fairways and could do with a few more challenges !

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