Cairns To Cooktown

Jun 14  We make the 326 Km trip from Cairns to Cooktown via the inland route as the direct coast route is impassable to caravans. We will show you why in our later blog when we head down to Cape Tribulation using the direct route.

About 20 Kms south of Cooktown is Black Mountain, a quite unique rock formation. The mountain’s distinctive hard granite boulders originally formed out of magma that first slowly solidified under the Earth’s crust about 250 million years ago. The softer land surfaces above the solidified magma eroded away over time, leaving the magma’s fractured top to be exposed as a mountain of grey granite boulders blackened by a film of microscopic blue-green algae growing on the exposed surfaces. Colder rains falling on the dark, heated granite boulders causes the boulders to progressively fracture, break, and slowly disintegrate, sometimes explosively, leaving the mountain of boulders that can be seen today.


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