Jun 15 to Jul 3  Cooktown is as far north we can get in Queensland without travelling on dirt roads. Even so, we are still 2,150 Kms north of Brisbane and the average daily temperature here so far has been 26 degs, some 8 to 10 degs warmer than the Sunshine Coast.

Cooktown is a small town located at the mouth of the Endeavour River, on Cape York peninsula in far north Queensland. It is where Captain James Cook beached his ship, the Endeavour, for repairs in 1770. Cooktown’s population is approx 1,400. Both the town and Mount Cook (431 metres or 1,415 feet) which rises up behind the town were named after James Cook. It is the northernmost town on the east coast of Australia and was founded on 25 October 1873 as a supply port for the goldfields along the Palmer River. It was called ‘Cook’s Town’ until 1 June 1874.


We plan to stay in Cooktown for about 3 weeks so we choose a large camp site and get comfortable. There is a new addition to the camp – Siobhan has created a herb garden which has already contributed to the cuisine.


Bob spends a morning fishing with a local guide. Unfortunately, the weather denied the opportunity of bagging a Spanish Mackerel, so a FingerMark Bream offerred itself for a lovely fresh seafood dinner in its place.


The local Botanic Gardens have some fascinating plants. The local botanist is focussing on growing as many of the 200 plus original plants that Banks (the botanist on the Endeavour) took back to England with him. There is a small but challenging 9 hole golf course in Cooktown which provides us with some fun.


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