Port Germein

Jan 4 to 7  We begin the long track back to the Sunshine Coast where we plan to arrive towards the end of January. First stop is Port Germein (after a brief stay at Arno Bay where it was too hot and windy to do any fishing). Port Germein’s jetty, opened in 1881, is the longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere. It is a great place to find blue swimmer crabs when they are in season – which is NOW !!

We collected large amounts of beautiful fresh blue swimmer crabs and we stock up for our long journey north. Strange people these South Australians – they use crab pots which are completely open at the top so you have to keep hauling them to see if there are crabs caught. Queenslanders have a much better idea with their mudcrab pots which are completely enclosed – once caught thats it.

The caravan park had 2 converted washing machines for cooking the crabs which we used regularly.

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