2013’s Big Adventure Begins

May 21 2013 Our 2013 Big Adventure begins … the current plan is to head north for the winter, visiting some old fishing haunts (Groper Creek – remember the barra story last year) and then on to some new fishing territory at Karumba on the Gulf of Carpentaria. Darwin, Kakadu and Lichfield National Parks will then follow. The caravan’s first trip into the Northern Territory. We have to be in Canberra in November for the Aussie Vets National Golf Championships so we will head down the ‘middle’ from Darwin taking in Alice Springs and Uluru (Ayres Rock).

Before we leave we have a couple of maintenance issues to complete – one on the caravan and one on Bob’s head ! – the removal of a small skin cancer.

The car now has new automatic caravan towing mirrors and the caravan is the proud owner of 2 solar panels and an inverter so nothing can now stop the necessary viewing of Coronation Street.

We begin the trip at our favourite local spot at Cotton Tree to finish all the maintenance issues. Note the photo of the Steve Irwin statue which is on the beach at Mooloolaba where he used to surf as a child.

2 thoughts on “2013’s Big Adventure Begins

  1. Wow, that’s some scar! Makes mine from having a bcc removed from the bridge of my nose, by the corner of an eye, last November positively minuscule. Although I elected not to have stitches, the trade off being a longer healing period. Was able to toddle off for a couple of ski trips this last winter season though.

    Anyway, best of luck with your latest adventure. Have just completed one of my own, having cycled from home to Amsterdam, and then to the north of north west Holland, and then on to the north tip of Texel, the first of the Wadden islands. Miles cycled 1027, or thereabouts. Sue did a brilliant job, driving the campervan, setting up camp (on over 20 campsites), catering and generally looking after my every need in order to complete the challenge to cycle to see all the children and grandchildren. I did send you a what’s app message I believe, as I was setting off on the trip, but not sure if you received it? Also emailed you on your birthday, and again not sure if this was received?

    Managed to complete the cycle trip without a puncture, even though off-road on a road bike at times, and no cycle issues at all really, other than a squeaky pedal, but, irony of ironies, was actually knocked off my bike by a dog chasing a ball, in Shrewsbury Quarry last evening. Thank goodness I was wearing a helmet as I did hit my head on the ground as I fell. Was a paramedic call-out, but happily no material injury, although a number of abrasions down the left side of my body, and a sore hip this morning. Oh yes, and a mangled front bike wheel. I believe the dog was bloodied, but ok, but by the time I was released from the ambulance, the dog owner had disappeared.

    You’re probably best sticking to fishing, but you’re going to need to wear a hat!

    On the caravan/motormome front, would be interested to hear what an “inverter” is/does? We had a reverse polarity switch fitted before we left for the Continent (which proved to be needed when we were over there), but as non-techie, guess that is something different. And perhaps a bit of info on the solar panels? Probably of more use in Australia, than in mixed weather UK.

    Will look forward to receiving your regular blog updates as your adventure develops. Did forward your initial 2 blog emails to Helen, as, when I spoke to her on Mum’s birthday, she hadn’t received them, although she has changed her email address I believe in recent months. Hope that was ok.

    All the best for now,


  2. Despite the impressive BCC stitches; you guys are having too much fun. I am in Canberra caring for my mother and Marilyn is in Culburra near Nowra with her son and grandson Will take van to Maryborough for the Vets golf in July the maybe head north to Townsville for a couple of weeks. Can’t go for too long as it will be my turn to care for mum again.


    Dick and Marilyn

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