Heading For Groper Creek

June 4 2013 We finally head out of Cotton Tree and head north on the Bruce Highway. First overnight stop and free camp is at Gin Gin. Next night is another free camp at Benaraby where we met some interesting local birdlife. We aim to free camp as much as possible (now we have the technology !) as it is a real cost saver.

2 thoughts on “Heading For Groper Creek

  1. Hi Bob and Siobhan good to hear from you and that you are on the road again. I would be interested to know what your technology is to find the free camps (if you have told me before sorry Im getting old) If that is a pic of your free camp it looks great ie nice piece of grass. The wild life in the pic are interesting I have seen them before but don’t know what they are. I hope you catch some barra at Groper Creek it should be fun. I am waiting around at the moment to get a call from my son that his wife is in labour as I will need to get to Murrumba Downs to look after my granddaughter ( these kids sure interrupt a good time, why didn’t someone tell me that these cute little babies grown up to be demanding …………. just kidding).
    Keep up the news when you get a chance.
    Maz xx

    1. Hi Maz,

      Thanks for the comments. Sorry to disappoint but the technology I was referring to was to help out when we got to the free camp (gennie, solar panels, inverter, etc), not to locate them. We just use the Camps 6 book (Camps 7 is now available) and their website plus chatting to people as we go around. Booked into Groper Creek from next Wednesday. Can’t wait. Watch this space.

      Check the latest caravan blog at : https://bobandsiobhand.wordpress.com/

      Thanks and Regards,

      Bob Davies Mobile : 0408 811 481

      Please do not print this email unless you really need to

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