Cape Tribulation

Cape Tribulation is 110 Kms north of Cairns and is within the Daintree National Park.

The Cape was named by Captain James Cook on June 10th 1770 after his ship scraped a reef north east of the Cape. Cook steered away from the coast into deeper water but at 10:30 pm the ship ran aground on what is now named Endeavour Reef. The ship stuck fast and was badly damaged, desperate measures being needed to prevent it foundering until it was re-floated the next day. Cook recorded “… the north point was named Cape Tribulation because here began all our troubles”.

The Bloomfield Track was completed in 1984 connecting Cooktown to Cape Tribulation. It is 30 Kms long and is impassable without a good four wheel drive vehicle. The road is only partially sealed and may be impassable after bad weather.

Part way down the track we stop at the Bloomfield Falls – quite impressive.

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