Undara Volcanic National Park

Undara Volcanic is a National Park in North Queensland. It is notable for its lava tubes and gem fossicking.  The park contains the remains of the Earth’s  longest flow of lava originating from a single volcanic crater. The lava flow is about 160 Kms long.

The area 164 volcanoes, vents and cones. The lava tubes are regarded amongst the largest and longest on the planet. The word Undara is aboriginal in origin and means a long way.

The volcanic activity that formed the tubes occurred approximately 189,000 years ago and the volcano Undara expelled massive amounts of lava onto the surrounding Atherton Tableland. In total it was estimated that over 23 billion cubic metres of lava was released covering an area of 55 Km2.


Dinosaur Stampede

Winton’s final attraction is the Dinosaur Stampede, also known as Lark Quarry, after one of the volunteers that helped excavate the original site. The site is considered to be the site of the world’s only known record of a dinosaur stampede with fossilised footprints are interpreted as a predator dinosaur stalking and causing a stampede of around 150 two-legged dinosaurs. The Lark Quarry site is about 110 km (68 miles) south west of Winton.

Dinosaur Museum

Winton has another claim to fame – The Australian Age Of Dinosaurs Museum. This has to be our more favourite attractions as we have traveled the country.

The Australian Age of Dinosaurs is a museum focused on Australia’s evolutionary history, in particular the discovery, conservation, and research of Australia’s dinosaurs. It is a working museum – an education resource, research facility and tourist attraction. It features:• World’s largest collection of Australian dinosaur fossils• Most productive fossil preparation laboratory in the Southern Hemisphere• Work on real, 95 million-year-old dinosaur bone fossils found in the Winton area• Spectacular views from the top of a giant mesa with striking rocky outcrops and canyons; walking trails; animal and bird life; it’s a photographer’s paradise!

(I stole the above description from Tripadvisor but it covers it beautifully !)